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Cult Following Review. Brainwash Your Friends!

Cult Following: The One True Game is a card game in which players try to convince the swing-vote zealots to join their cult instead of the other ones. It’s a very improv heavy game so if you’re into creative storytelling then this one is the game for you. The game itself works with any number of players as long as there is 3 or more so you can have at least 2 cults and 1 cultist, but we suggest playing with as big of a group as you can find so that the cultist can really weigh their options. Below you’ll find out quick overview, a personal review and even some custom drinking rules if you need some help getting those creative juices flowing.

How To Play

The premise of the game is to present your cult as well as you can while including the subjects on your cult cards. Ultimately you want as many of the cultists as possible to choose your cult so that you can win the round.

At the start of the game choose at least 2 people to represent different cults. These should be the best storytellers or improvisers in the room. The rest can be recruits.

The cult leaders draw 5 cards from the deck that each contain 2 subjects. Then they pick 3 of the subjects (no two on the same card) and discard the remaining cards. Keeping those subjects secret.

The cult leaders take turns presenting their cult. Telling the recruits exactly how their cult works and why they should join while making sure to include their three subjects.

Once the cult leaders have presented their cults now it’s time for the recruits to read out a question card. This question must be answered in turn by every cult leader.

After this phase then it’s time to vote. Go around the table with each recruit choosing which cult they want to join. Whoever gets the most gets a point for that round.

Cult Following Review!

The great thing about this game is it offers different rolls for different types of people. The more animated players can be the story telling cult leaders while those who don’t want to can simply be recruits and enjoy the show.

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