Crank: High Voltage Drinking Game

This movie is a sequel to the cult classic Crank. It basically follows the same premise except this time Chev gets a temporary heart and must continuously shock himself instead of seeking out adrenaline rushes. This movie one-ups it’s predecessor in every way. It’s even more ridiculous, there’s even more racial stereotypes and the stunts are that much crazier. So we had to make a Crank: High Voltage drinking game that kicks it up as well.

For this drinking game players will have to drink for all the crazy stuff that happens all over this film like the full body tourettes or Chelios shocking himself to get his heart beating again. If you played our previous drinking game for the first Crank movie you’ll know how intense these games get so buckle up.

What You’ll Need

A copy of the movie and ample amounts of drinks. Then just gather around the TV and let the good times begin.

Crank: High Voltage Drinking Game Rules

Take a Sip of Your Drink Whenever…

  • Chelios electrocutes himself to get his heart going
  • Someone gets shot
  • Chelios makes a phone call
  • Chev enters a new vehicle
  • Ria uses a crazy weird insult
  • Someone has FULL BODY TOURETTE’S.

Finish your drink during the Godzilla-like fight scene

Hardmode: (Only add in this rule if you’re looking to get seriously messed up)

  • Take a drink for every clear stereotype. Cops eating donuts, asians with fu manchus using broken english, Mexican slang, etc etc…

Just like the movie itself the Crank: High Voltage drinking game can get seriously out of hand pretty quickly. With the amount of drinking involved in playing this game it might be wise to take the odd break and make sure you’re not going to overdo it. Please drink responsibly.