The Country Music Drinking Game

The Country Music Drinking Game -

This country music drinking game is for the new trend in country music that dictates that every song must cover the same topics; Girls, Beer, and Pickup Trucks.  Artists like Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, Thomas Rhett, Florida Georgia Line and many more have turned this type of music into a massive industry with plenty of songs and albums to choose from. The music is known for acoustic guitars and millionaires singing about how they’re just poor country boys at heart.

It should be noted that this game only works with newer “Stadium Country” and won’t particularly work with older style country music like Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard or Johnny Cash. What you want here is that extremely typical new age stuff.



Any song by most famous country musicians and drinks. Works even better if you play the music video to accompany it.


Players will drink every time one of the extremely predictable topics come up during a country music song

Country Music Drinking Game Rules

Drink whenever the singer mentions

  • Blue Jeans
  • Beer
    • Drink twice if it’s Budweiser
      • Drink three times if it’s Bud Light
  • Pickup Trucks (This includes mentioning the box of the truck or the tailgate)
  • Missing someone
  • Tractors or any sort of farm equipment
  • Strummin’ on their guitar
  • America
    • Drink twice if they mention a southern state
  • Dancing in a club
  • The word “Girl” or “Baby”
  • Jesus


This drinking game pretty well covers every topic that comes up in any modern country song so get ready for a pretty hefty amount of drinking. As an added bonus this game can be played in any club or pub that plays this type of music. So crack open a cold bud light in the back of your pickup truck and grab your favorite blue jeaned girl and talk about the good ol’ days on the farm as you play the country music drinking game.