Counter Strike Drinking Game

CS:GO Drinking Game -

The Counter Strike drinking game (Other wise know as the CS:GO drinking game) will have players drinking to this iconic competitive shooter. This game is designed work by playing a match of Counter strike, but it would also work to drink along to your favorite CS:GO twitch streamer.

It’s recommended that players play this game outside of the competitive modes, but if you’re confident enough to think you can still win in this game with a few beers in you than go for it. It’s not a ton of drinking but with how precise this game can be it can get pretty tough once you start losing hand-eye coordination.


The game Counter Strike: Global Offensive on PC and some drinks. This game is also available on Xbox as well but the PC version is preferred for this.


In this Counter Strike drinking game players will basically only be drinking when they die. Which can happen pretty suddenly so get those drinks ready.

CS:GO Drinking Game Rules

When you die, depending what killed you, you must take a few drinks.

  • Knife or any other melee weapon, 4 drinks
  • Pistol or sniper rifle, 3 drinks
  • Shotguns, SMGs and Rifles, 1 drink
  • A Grenade or any other kind of explosive, 3 drinks
  • Zeus. If you manage to get killed by this thing, finish your drink.

After you die, drink equal to the number of players still alive. This includes players on both teams. 

Online games have continued to grow in popularity with Counter Strike often leading the way. Broadband Gaming does a great job at detailing the recent successes in the online gaming industry.

The CS:GO drinking game can get pretty hefty especially if you plan on playing multiple rounds and aren’t very good. So make sure to drink responsibly and take a break if you need one. If you’re looking for more drinking games to games that are popular on Twitch we suggest taking a look at our Fortnite Drinking Game.