Cops Drinking Game

COPS Drinking Game

COPS is a reality show about the cops and other law enforcement officials on the job as they make arrests and go about their daily lives. It’s one of the longest running shows currently airing. This show makes for an awesome drinking game especially in scenes where the perp is clearly lying or trying to prove he’s not drunk.

For best results we suggest using one of the many “Best Of COPS” montages on Youtube.



COPS and some drinks.


Players will be drinking for all the ridiculous behavior that constantly happens in the show. In most cases they will be drinking a second time when the perp responds predictably. There’s also an additional rule for players to pick out common drugs and drink every time they come up.

COPS Drinking Game Rules

Drink once whenever:

  • A purp claims he doesn’t have drugs
    • Drink again if it turns out he/she is
  • A purp claims hes not drunk
    • Drink again if it turns out he/she is
  • A purp drives off and kicks off a car chase
    • Drink again if he/she crashes and starts running on foot
  • A purp pulls a weapon
    • Drink again if he/she gets tackled or disarmed
  • An officer radio’s for help

Chug as long as a foot chase is ongoing

Finish your drink whenever someone clearly fails a test to prove they were drunk driving


Additional Rules: Drug Bingo

Before the game starts, every player must pick a common drug. Every time one of those drugs are mentioned or seen that player must take a drink.


This COPS drinking game can be pretty heavy depending which episode you end up watching. Most of the crimes seem to be revolved around drugs to those rules will come up quite a lot. Depending on the episode or segment there is some pretty lengthy foot chases to make sure to have those beers ready.