Contra Drinking Game

Contra Drinking Game -

The Contra Drinking Game takes an interesting twist on the co-op play of this classic side scrolling shooter. Players won’t be able to use their controller as they drink, but players will be able to drink for each other. Careful character management and communication are key in taking advantage of this drinking game’s interesting quirks. It may take a while to get used to but it’ll be well worth it when you and your buddy can finally complete a game while drinking and having other handicaps. Best of luck fighting off the alien hordes.

This game works with any game within the Contra series but keep in mind they can vary in difficulty greatly. If you’re up the challenge we suggest the Super Contra or Contra Hard Corps for added difficulty.


Any 2D Contra video game and drinks.


Players will be drinking as they attempt to beat whichever Contra title of their choice while having a handicap of not being able to drink and touch their controller at the same time. They will drink to dying, picking up new weapons, and other common occurrences in the game.

Contra Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • You pick up a new weapon.
  • Friendly fire would have normally happened.
  • The characters on screen touch each other.
  • You land after a jump.
  • Your character dies.

Additional Rules:

  • Whenever you would take a drink you must first put down your controller and may not pick it back up until you’ve had your drink.
  • Either player may take drinks for the other.

The Contra Drinking Game is meant to be played with two players. You may challenge the game with only one player but some of the above mentioned rules will no longer have any effect. These drinking rules are meant to add an additional layer of challenge to the game. They also cause players to more carefully consider their actions first rather than just spamming shots and jumps. If the challenge happens to be too much you may choose to ignore the additional rules. Get ready to learn the true meaning of co-op as you and your teammate fight and drink for each other while trying to stop the alien invasion.