How to Play the Conan Without Borders Drinking Game

Our Conan Without Borders drinking game is for Conan’s recent travel show where he proves he can creep people out in any country regardless of language barriers. Each episode runs about an hour.

This drinking game is a fun way to have some laughs and learn a little bit about a country while also giving yourself an excuse to get drunk. Just throw on any given episode of the show and follow these easy drinking rules.

What You’ll Need To Play

An episode or two of the show. (Currently streaming on Netflix) and some drinks.

Conan Without Borders Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip of your drink whenever Conan

  • Conan does his string dance
  • Tells a joke that lands flat
  • Eats something gross that’s from whatever country he’s in
  • Insults someone to their face
  • Claims he’s a massive star
  • Plays his guitar
  • Brings up his Irish heritage
  • Makes a reference to someone who’s famous in America
  • Pokes fun at Jordan Schlansky

Take two drinks whenever…

  • Conan’s Irish heritage is brought up
  • Conan plays a musical instrument
  • Someone explicitly calls him weird
  • You actually learn something about a country

If you plan on playing this Conan Without Borders drinking game then make sure to always drink responsibly and in moderation. You’re not famous enough to make a fool of yourself and have people love you for it. If you liked this game we have a ton of others over at our TV Show drinking games section!