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Out Of Commission Drinking Game

Out Of Commission Drinking Game -

The Out Of Comission board game is a great drinking game designed by SteezeCo Enterprises. The game is pretty simple at it’s core and it’s sure to liven up even the slowest of parties.

Players take turns rolling the die and doing whatever action is stated on the space they land on. The ultimate goal is to slowly move from the outer ring to the center ring and land on the finish space. Well that, and to chug a few beers along the way.

What Is Out Of Commission?

This drinking board game has players taking turns rolling a die trying to get to the finish space in the center of the board. Along the way there’s tons of different spaces to land on like ones that will make you drink or lose turns. But by far the most interesting aspect is the Mystery and Face-Off cards.

The Mystery cards are drawn whenever a player lands on the Mystery space. As soon as a player lands there they draw a card and have to do the action on the card. These cards can be anything from doing jumping jacks, to having to recite the pledge of allegiance. Usually failure to do these tasks results in a few drinks.

The Face-Off cards however are only drawn when you land on the same spot as another players pawn. These cards represent challenges between the two players on the space. Anything from arm wrestling to chugging competitions. Generally the loser moves back a space and has to take a drink or two.

Who Should Play?

As stated on the back of the box, this game is designed to help liven up those boring parties where nobody seems to want to get the ball rolling. With this game it’s easy to just pass the die around and get everyone talking.

This game is recommends 3-6 players but more can be added if anyone wants to grab any item from around the table to use as a game piece. The only draw back would be that every added player makes the game take longer. But if you’re enjoying it then that’s not really a problem!

The Pros and Cons


  • Easy to play and understand
  • Fairly Long Game
  • Hilarious Challenges


  • The amount a player drinks can vary greatly
  • Can take a long time if there’s 6 players


The Verdict

The Out Of Commission drinking board game is a blast and absolutely worth purchasing. It’s very easy to set up and play so players can get to the drinking quick. The Mystery and Face-Off cards can be pretty hilarious at times too. The only downside is that some cards cause players to chug beers and some others cause them to take a single sip. So some players might get the short straw and end up drinking way more than others. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


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