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Circle of Jerks Review – Crude Fun

Circle of Jerks Review by The Chuggernauts

You ever wish you could sit around with your pals and yell obscene things with impunity? Well Circle of Jerks makes that dream a reality. The premise of this game is to get rid of all your cards first by yelling out the matching item on your card and the one in the center. The kicker to this game is that every symbol is something you probably don’t want your neighbors to overhear you yelling. Such as Sperm, DoucheBag and Saggy Tits. Finally that foul mouth is about to pay off.

How to Play

How To Play

Before the game can start all the cards need to be dealt out. First place a card face up in the center of the table then deal out all of the other circular cards to the players face down as evenly as possible.

Once it’s dealt out the game can begin. This is a game of speed so you want to be on your toes and pay attention. There is no turns in this game, just go-go-go! If you see a matching icon from your card and the central card yell it out and drop your card on top of that one. Then flip your next card and try to keep it going.

Players will be racing to get rid of their cards, which means the top card that you’re trying to match with is always changing. So you really need to focus.

First player to rid themselves of all their cards is the winner!

There is also an optional drinking rule where the last place player takes a sip, and the first placed player gives one.

Circle of Jerks Review

This game is fast paced and hilarious so you can play a couple rounds in quick succession. It’s easy to lose focus and find yourself holding a giant pile of cards when everyone else is almost done. It plays out like an adult spot-it and is sure to make everyone at the table laugh.

What makes this game so great is that it’s hella fun even if you’re not using the drinking rule. But being the drinking game team we are we of course opted to play the drinking version.

The drinking rules are a bit on the lighter side for this game, being only 2 sips taken per round. So it’s a great casual ice breaker. However we decided to kick it up a notch with our own added drinking rule. At the end of each round everyone took sips equal to however many cards they still had. Which ranged anywhere from 1-8 per person. Definitely raised the stakes a bit.

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Overall Circle of Jerks is great fun. It’s such a light and easy game that it works awesomely for parties or anywhere that you want people to loosen up and have some fun.