A Magical Cinderella Drinking Game

A Magical Cinderella Drinking Game by

This old 50’s classic Cinderella fills our heart with warmth and comfort as we re watch this film over and over. The movie consists of Cinderella, a poor girl, waiting on her two awful step sisters and step mother who don’t seem to respect her at all. Something magical is about to happen and has a chance of meeting a prince at a royal ball. Curl up with a blanket and a drink and play the Cinderella Drinking Game as you reminisce about your favorite childhood movie.

Why not spice up your next Disney movie night and make it a Disney movie drinking night with one of our many Disney drinking games. The Cinderella Drinking Game is made for all ages and group size. This game is fun to even play on your own and have a good laugh.

What You’ll Need To Play The Cinderella Drinking Game

You won’t need much to play the Cinderella drinking game. All you need is a few drinks of your choice and a copy of the Cinderella movie. I recommend Disney+ as they got every Disney movie on there you can imagine, all at the tips of your finger tips.

Drink 1 Sip Whenever…

  • Gus falls over
  • Cinderella talks to an animal
  • Lucifer enters the room
  • The King stands on top of furniture or jumps on it

Drink Two Sips Whenever…

  • Someone says “Gus” or “Gus Gus”
  • Someone yells “Cinderella”
  • Someone talks about the shoe or glass slipper
  • Someone tries on the glass slipper

Finish Drink Whenever…

  • Lucifer tries to catch one of the mice
  • The King is mean or rude to his adviser

Another Disney classic has come to an end and hopefully your drink too. If you enjoyed playing this Disney drinking game try others like the Aladdin Drinking Game. Please make sure to drink responsibly and drive safely.