How To Play The Ciao Darwin Drinking Game!

This Ciao Darwin drinking will have people drinking whenever their chosen team messes up. Plus some additional drinking rules for phrases that come up a lot during the show.

For those that have never seen the show it’s a variety game show where two massive teams of 50 people compete against each other in a series of tasks to see who will fall to natural selection.

What You’ll Need To Play

Turn on any given episode (hopefully one you haven’t seen yet) and grab a few drinks. This show is typically only available in Italian so if you don’t speak the language you’ll want to find a dub.

Ciao Darwin Drinking Game Rules

At the start of the episode everyone playing must pick one of the teams. Every time a member of their team fails a challenge they must take a sip of their drink. Also at the end of every challenge the losing team takes another drink. There’s also some additional rules for everyone to drink.

Additional Rules

Take a drink whenever…

  • Laurenti interrupts
  • You spot binoculars in the crowd
  • A challenge starts
  • A contestant is clearly oggling a

At the end of the episode if you’re team lost either finish your drink or take a shot of hard alcohol.


This Ciao Darwin drinking game is an awesome way to enjoy this hectic show and have a few drinks at the same time.