A Christmas Prince Drinking Game

A Christmas Prince Drinking Game -

This A Christmas Prince drinking game will help people get through netflix’s latest attempt at a holiday classic. It’s a bit clunky and pretty predictable, but isn’t that what Christmas movies are all about? That being said this may very well be the movie with the most Christmas movie tropes ever made.

This film follows the journalist Amber as she bumbles her way into royal quarters as she tries to build up a good story. She’s mistakenly confused for Emily’s tutor somehow and spends the rest of the movie trying not to fall in love with the prince. It’s about as cheesy as you’d expect but it’s a great watch around the holidays.


Netflix or a copy of A Christmas Prince and some drinks


Players will drink for all the clunky dialogue and plot points in this movie.


A Christmas Prince Drinking Game Rules

Drink once every time

  • Amber stutters or says the wrong word
    • Drink again if she blatantly blows her cover like saying her real name, or that shes from New York, and nobody seems to notice.
  • Emily insults or threatens someone
  • Someone says “Prince Richard”
  • Amber stares longingly at Richard
  • Amber takes a picture
  • Prince Richard shows off another one of his charming and attractive qualities (Fighting wolves, Shooting arrows, Playing with kids, sexy snowball fights, etc…)
  • A Christmas song or jingle starts
  • Amber wanders around the castle like a lost dog
  • Anyone mounts or dismounts a horse
  • Someone is hit with a snowball

Drink 3 times whenever

  • There’s a shot of the castle
  • Amber breaks something
  • Amber and Richard are about to kiss but it’s interrupted
  • They successfully kiss

Additional Rule

If anyone can guess what will happen next they can shout it out. If they are correct every other player drinks.


The A Christmas Prince drinking game is a fair amount of drinking. Even more so if players know their romance movie tropes. This movie goes perfectly with a few drinks because it sort of looks like that’s what the writers did when making the movie. So let’s all get in the spirit of the season the way Jesus and Santa intended, by getting loaded.