Chopped Drinking Game

Chopped Drinking Game -

The Chopped Drinking Game has players betting and drinking during the competitive cooking show Chopped. In Chopped cooks are pit up against each other with a basket of weird ingredients they need to try and make into a delicious meal for the judges to avoid getting chopped and removed from the show.



The show Chopped and drinks


The drinking game will have players betting drinks on their chosen contestant and then drinking for which round they get chopped in. Additionally players can try and guess what the mystery ingredients will be to give out a few extra drinks.

Set Up

At the start of the show after the contestants are revealed pause the show. Each player must pick one of the contestants to win the show. Try to pick as evenly as possible so all the contestants are picked.

Chopped Drinking Game Rules

Drink every time

  • Your contestant doesn’t finish his meal by the buzzer
  • You contestant fails to include one of the ingredients
  • You contestant burns something


Whenever your chosen contestant gets chopped you must drink 5 times and pick a new contestant for the rest of the game. This means you can possibly fail 3 times throughout the show if you’re the worst at this game.

Guessing the ingredients

At the start of each round each player can guess an ingredient. If that ingredient happens to be one of the selected ones for the challenge then they can assign another player to take 3 drinks. Don’t worry the ingredients are so outlandish sometimes that players probably won’t get any correct guesses throughout an episode.


Our Chopped drinking game adds a bit more excitement to this already exciting cooking show. It’s easy to pick the losing contestant multiple times in this game unless you’ve already seen the episode. Plus even if you’re correct about your guesses there will still be some occasional drinking from how often the chefs barely make the buzzer or accidentally burn something.