Checkers Drinking Game

Checkers Drinking Game -

For lack of a better name, our Checkers Drinking Game is designed to work best for two players. But it can also be played in equal teams as long as players don’t mind taking turns on who gets to move.

This drinking game plays out mostly like a regular game of checkers. Players compete to take all the other players checkers on the board and win the game. The difference being whenever a checker is taken out the player who lost it must drink equal to the number written on the other side.

Set Up

The set up to this game takes a little bit of effort. First you need a marker and a die. Roll a die for each checker and write that number on the underside of the checker. Being careful not to show your opponent which checker has which number. These numbers will be the amount you need to drink when that checker is eliminated. Try using a lighter colored marker for the black checkers so it’s a bit more visible, and make sure it can be washed off so that you can play this game again with new numbers.

Checkers Drinking Game Rules

The goal is the same as a normal game of checkers. However whenever you lose a checker you must flip it over and drink equal to the number on the underside. If you ever get to “king” one of your checkers, you no longer have to drink that number if you lose it.

Jumping: If a player jumps multiple checkers in a row, the player who lost the checkers must drink for each checker lost this way.


If you’re having trouble defeating the player who’s generally better at checkers we suggest playing in a “kings court” fashion. This means that the player who wins a game must stay on the board for the next game until they lose. Ensuring that if someone keeps winning at least they’ll keep drinking. If chess is more your speed we also created a Chess Drinking game. This checkers drinking game can get pretty heavy so make sure to drink responsibly and take a break if you need one.