Cheat Drinking Game

Cheat Drinking Game - The Chuggernauts


A deck of cards and drinks

Set up:

Deal out every card in a standard 52 card deck evenly to each player.


The aim of the game is to get rid of all your cards before the other players. When a player wins by getting rid of all his cards the remaining players must finish their drinks.

Cheat Drinking Game Rules:

Once the cards are all dealt out play begins with the player to the left of the dealer. He must play as many aces as he can. When he plays them he puts them face down in the center of the table and states what he played (i.e. “two aces!”). The next player must play 2s, then 3s, 4s, etc… Once it reaches King it goes back to aces. The player is allowed to lie about what he’s playing but he must play at least one card face down.¬†Any time someone successfully calls cheat play restarts and the next player can start the new round on any number he wants.

If another player doesn’t believe his play he can call “Cheat!”. If he’s correct and the player was cheating, the player he called it on must pick up every card in the center and drink. If he’s incorrect and called cheat incorrectly he must pick up all the center cards himself and drink. Play continues around the circle with players having to play cards equal to one higher than the previous player.

Once someone runs out of cards he is declared the winner and each other player must finish their drink.

Optional rules:

Jokers: Some people play with jokers in the deck as well. Which can be played face up at any time instead of having to play the cards they are required to play.

Cheating: In this variant players are allowed to cheat in any way imaginable. Including hiding or stealing cards.