A Charlie Brown Christmas Drinking Game


The “A Charlie Brown Christmas” Drinking Game is for people who want to watch this holiday classic while getting drunk enough to overlook the many awkward scenes in this TV Special. A Charlie Brown Christmas is one of those rare occurrences when a movie was believed by it’s creators to be a complete dumpster fire. Yet, here we are more than 50 years past it’s 1965 release still cuddling up next to the fire and enjoying this strange yet iconic movie. Except this time we’ll have a few drinks to go along with it.


The “A Charlie Brown Christmas” TV Special and drinks.


Players will be watching A Charlie Brown Christmas and drinking for it’s repetitive themes. Players will also finish their drinks whenever other characters shamelessly laugh at Charlie Brown’s aluminum tree.

A Charlie Brown Christmas Drinking Game Rules:

Drink One Whenever

  • Someone is being harassed or bullied. (by today’s standards this could be every other scene).
  • Anyone shouts when they don’t need to be shouting
  • Someone dances
  • Someone is being materialistic
  • Anyone says “Merry Christmas”
  • There’s a bad audio cut
  • Charlie Brown complains

Finish your drink whenever

  • Someone shamelessly laughs at Charlie Brown’s tree

This last rule can get a bit heavy because it seems most of the children in the Peanuts gang have absolutely no reservations about hurting Charlie Browns feelings.


To be fair to the movie, most of those bad audio cuts are because they actually had to remove a few scenes where they displayed blatant Coca-Cola advertisements. Including a cut during the middle of the final song and dance number.

The Charlie Brown Drinking Game is perfect for anyone wanting to get a little festive this holiday season. And it helps to have a few drinks to help get you through the many times it seems like the characters in this movie start talking about something that has long deviated from the main story line. But hey if Charlie Brown can seemingly overcome depression in the span of 30 minutes, I’m sure you can make it weather a few droning scenes.