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Chain Reaction Drinking Game

Chain Reaction is a quick and easy game to start out a night of drinking with. All it requires is a couple of dice and it doesn’t take long to complete a single game. Personally we feel this game works best with 3-5 players. Too few players and the game loses value in competing with other players. Too many players and the game can drag on for longer than desired.


3 dice and some drinks.


Players will take turns rolling 3 dice in an attempt to go from 1 to 6.

Chain Reaction Drinking Game Rules:

Players take turns rolling 3 dice. any connecting numbers may be used to either move yourself upwards or any opponent downwards. Whenever you could move an opponent down and yourself up the same numbers you must always move yourself up, so take care in the order of which you move. For example: if you are at 1 and you roll 1,2,3 you may move yourself from 1-2, then from 2-3. You could also move from an opponent from 3-2, then move yourself from 1-2. if you moved from 1-2 first you would not be able to move the opponent down 3-2, you would be forced to go up 2-3. Whenever a player reaches 6 they are out.

Whenever a player moves up they may give out one drink. Whenever a player is moved down they must take one drink. The last player remaining at the end of the game must finish their drink.


If you’re in the mood for a quick and easy game then this will work out perfectly. Just keep in mind the last player remaining at the end must finish their drink. So roll some dice and take some of your friends down a couple of pegs in Chain Reaction.