A Certain Magical Index Drinking Game

A Certain Magical Index Drinking Game -

A Certain Magical Index Drinking Game will have players drinking to the anime adaptation of the manga with the same name. Touma, typical good guy and level 0 magician, has a soft spot for trying to help people in need. Luckily for him his right hand has what could quite possible the strongest ability in a world full of magic users. That is the ability to nullify any magic that he touches with that hand.


The anime A Certain Magical Index and drinks.


Players will drink to certain characters tropes and to the recurring use of peoples magical abilities. Drinking using your right hand negates all drinks, be wary of this and make sure to always drink using your left hand. Players will also have to finish their drinks whenever another character joins forces with Touma. Which is usually prior enemies, as is common in these types of shows.

A Certain Magical Index Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • A character uses magic.
  • Index is air headed or useless.
  • Anyone mentions the level of someones power.
  • Touma is reckless, makes a bad decision, or tries to help someone.
  • Touma gets hurt.
  • Someone says Misaka.
  • Any other person touches Touma in any way.

Additional rule:

  • Your right hand cancels any drinks taken when used. Use your left hand to hold your drink or else any drinks taken while using your right hand aren’t counted towards what you must drink.

Finish your drink Whenever:

  • Another character or characters join forces with Touma.

A Certain Magical Index Drinking Game is heavily reliant on it’s characters following their stereotypical behavior. Be it Touma being the reckless hero who endangers himself to save others, or Index being generally useless and stupid. The drink finishing rule won’t happen all that often but will be sure to crop up every few episodes because everybody wants to join forces with good guy Touma. For this game your right hand negates any drinks much like Touma’s right hand negates magic. So grab a few drinks with that left hand of yours and get ready to watch some high caliber magical clashes.