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Cards Vs Dice Drinking Game

Cards Vs Dice Drinking Game -

Cards Vs Dice is a fun party game that combines two of the most common tools in games, playing cards and six sided dice. Although this game is more of a general party game we decided to include some drinking rules to make things interesting. Plus most drinking games involve cards and dice anyway so this was a perfect fit.

What You’ll Need

What you’ll need is the base game to Cards vs Dice which includes a deck of cards containing numbers 1-6, a coupe dice, and some “lucky” tokens. Then each player should grab a couple drinks.

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If players don’t want to buy an official copy of this game and just want to play a quick version on-the-go, they can take two decks of cards and remove every card higher than 6. Then use this as the play deck, once organized it should contain 48 cards from 1 to 6. Then just grab two dice and play as normal. You’ll also need some kind of token like quarters to represent the lucky tokens.

Cards Vs Dice Drinking Game Rules

First every player needs to be dealt the same amount of cards. So deal out the cards as evenly as possible to each player. The aim of the game is to either get rid of every card or draw as 7 “lucky” tokens to win the game.

If you’re looking for basic rules on how to play the game they can be found here in a very easy to follow YouTube video.

Playing Your Turn

Play order is clockwise. On a players turn they look at their cards and then roll the two dice provided in the box. Now there’s two ways they can use these dice to get rid of cards.

  • The first option is to get rid of cards that equal the sum of any dice roll. For example if one of the dice rolled was a 5, the player can get rid of a 4 and 1, or even a 3 and 2.
  • The second option is to get rid of two cards with exact values that are each equal to one of the individual die rolls. Doing this also provides the player with a “lucky” token.

If a player fails to get a roll that doesn’t eliminate any cards from their hand then they have failed and must draw every card from the discard pile. They will have to take a drink for every “6” card drawn this way.

In addition at any point in the game, a player can turn in a “lucky” token to force a player to drink 3 times. Be careful though because is it really worth it to be sacrifice winning the game to be spiteful? (Hint: Yes it is.)

At the end of the game, every player who failed to win the game must finish their drink.



If you’re looking to change things up as well there’s always the Cards Vs Dice Diablo version which ups the tension and gets players to pass out tokens to make them lose the game instead.

Cards Vs Dice Diablo on Amazon

Our Cards Vs Dice drinking game rules make things a interesting because players need to decide if they want to ditch their coveted “lucky” tokens just to spite other players. Overall the game is both fun and pretty simple, easy to whip out at a party and explain pretty easily. Be careful though because long games can tend to be a decent amount of drinking so please remember to drink responsibly and take a break if you need one.