Bucket of Doom Review – A Death Dodging Party Game

Ever wonder how you can land safely off a runaway wrecking-ball equipped with only a human-shaped pillow? Well, us neither. But now thanks to the Bucket of Doom game you can try to explain how that would work.

This hilarious party game puts people in a tough spot. Like being caught in the Bermuda triangle or being stuck in an overturned porta-potty. Then you must use one of the cards in your hand to try and explain how that might help you survive this horrible situation. It helps to tell a good story to try and convince everyone else why your answer is the right one.

How Does it Work?

To start everyone gets a hand full of solution cards. These are usually off-the-wall items like “nipple-clamps” or “a very inaccurate horoscope” and everything in between.

Once everyone has their cards one of the players is designated as the judge. That player flips one of the situation cards for the first round. This is a tough-spot that each player (except the judge) must try and get out of.

Then each player picks the card in their hand that they think will get them to safety. Once the cards are in the judge can read them aloud one by one. Feel free to chime in when your card is pulled to try and convince everyone why you’re right.

The judge then picks a winner who earns a point, and then the judge of the round is passed clockwise.

Continue until one player has earned enough points.

Bucket of Doom Review

After a quick play session one thing became clear. This game is largely dependent on the players ability to tell a good story to get their card picked.

If people are just flipping their cards in silence you won’t get that many laughs, however if you get some animated people who are willing to tell a good story about their cards then you’ll have a great time. Maybe something to whip out a couple drinks into the night.

Bucket of Doom is easy to set up and play. And it’s tons of fun! Watching people trying to rationalize their seemingly-insane solutions makes for a great night.