The Unofficial Britain’s Got Talent Drinking Game

The Britain's Got Talent Drinking Game - the chuggernauts

This drinking game should work with any episode of any season of this show. The Unofficial Britains Got Talent drinking game will have players drinking to all the things we all know damn well are going to happen every episode like magicians, adorable child-acts or Simon’s constant patronizing.

What You’ll Need

Simply pop on any episode of Britain’s Got Talent, preferably one you haven’t seen before, grab a drink and get ready to follow these easy drinking rules!

Britain's Got Talent Magician

Britain’s Got Talent Drinking Game Rules

Take a Small Sip whenever

  • A magician gets on stage
  • The crowd starts chanting “Off!”
  • Someone brings an animal on stage
  • A horribly sappy song starts playing to amp up a contestant’s sob story
  • A contestant specifically mentions how much they adore one of the judges
  • Simon gives a thumbs up
  • The act is an oddly skilled child

Britain's Got Talent Amanda

Take a Gulp whenever

  • Someone enters the stage on a unicycle
  • Someone voted off before they can even show what their talent is
  • Someone cries
    • Take another gulp if it’s one of the judges (Lookin’ at you Amanda)
  • A judge pushes another judge’s buzzer

Britain's Got Talent Simon

Pound Back the Rest of Your Drink if

  • An act gets a standing ovation
  • Simon is the only judge who didn’t vote off a contestant

Bonus Rule: Favorite Judge

At the start of the game everyone pick their favorite judge. If they are the first one to buzz, they must take an extra drink! If they are the last one to buzz, and all three judges buzz, then they get to give out a drink.


The Unofficial Britain’s Got Talent drinking game is pretty easy to follow and play. You can expect most of these rules to come up in nearly any episode. If you’re looking for another great drinking game check out our Ru Paul’s Drag Race drinking game. Cheers!