How To Play The Bridesmaids Drinking Game!

This bridesmaids drinking game is a great way to enjoy this raunchy comedy about Annie’s life slowly spiraling out of control as she tries to keep it together enough to help arrange her best friends wedding.

This one makes for a great drinking movie because it’s both hilarious and involves a ton of drunken poor decision making. It’s basically like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

What You’ll Need To Play

All you’re going to need is the movie and a few drinks of choice. Then just follow these simple drinking rules.

Take a drink whenever…

  • Someone poops themselves or throws up
  • Anyone swears in the movie
  • Someone talks graphically about sex
  • Anyone says “lillian”
  • You’re reminded just how dumb Brynn and Gil are
  • Megan talks about fighting someone (drink twice if she actually does)
  • One of the bridesmaids drinks
  • Take a drink whenever there’s a toast
  • Helen or Annie try to one-up each other. Take another drink if Helen clearly wins that exchange.
  • Paris is mentioned in any way
  • Annie gets pulled over

Take a massive gulp of your drink whenever Annie has a public breakdown

Bonus Rule: Drink whenever you feel bad for Annie. Depending on how empathetic you are this could be every 2 minutes in this film.


Our Bridesmaids drinking game is an awesome way to down a few drinks while enjoying this great movie. If you like playing drinking games to comedies check out our Four Christmases drinking game! Whichever game you end up playing please make sure to always keep it a game and never drink to excess.