I Am Bread Drinking Game

I Am Bread Drinking Game -

I am Bread is exactly like it sounds. You play as a piece of bread. The ultimate object of each level is to get yourself toasted with maximum “edibility”. The I Am Bread Drinking Game makes this already frustrating game a little more so by adding alcohol to the mix. Because even if you’re stone sober this game makes you feel like you’re drunk. This indie classic really showcases how much can be accomplished off of a simple premise. So get ready to get toasted.




I Am Bread for any platform (PC, Xbox or PS4) and drinks. It should be fairly cheap on the Playstation or Xbox online stores.


Players will drink every time they mess up as they flop and fling the slice of bread to sweet toasty victory. This game is only single player so players will have to take turns per stage or death.

I Am Bread Drinking Game Rules

Drink every time

  • You get ants
  • You hit the ground
  • You hit raw meat
  • You break glass you didn’t need to break
  • You get wet
  • You get above 10% over toasted on either side
  • You get cut

Drink 5 if your edibility hits 0%


If you manage to complete a course then all other players must drink according to the following chart

Edibility above

  • 50% – 1 drink
  • 70% – 2 drinks
  • 90% – 3 drinks
  • 100% – 5 drinks

Toast Quality aboveĀ 

  • 75% – 1 drink
  • 90% – 2 drinks

Overall grade A or higher – Everyone drinks 5



The I Am Bread drinking game is a fair amount of drinking for everyone playing. This game really makes for the perfect drinking game with just how wonky it already is. We suggest either playing the story mode or any mode that uses the regular bread slice. Although if players want a slightly easier time the baguette mode would work too. So grab your favorite drink and get ready to get incredibly frustrated.