Brain Damage Drinking Game

The aptly named Brain Damage drinking game can be a lot of drinking so only jump into this one if you’re prepared for the worst. This game plays a lot like blackjack except players are trying to get closest to 7.5 instead of 21 so players who know how to play blackjack may get a slight edge.

Setting up the Game

Before the game is played the deck needs to be set up properly. First every 8,9 and red 10 should be removed from the deck. This should leave a deck of 42 cards. Then the cards are shuffled and a dealer is chosen typically by drawing cards with the highest being the dealer. Then dealer rotates clockwise between rounds. Players can not quit the game until they have dealt so dealer first is a big advantage.

Brain Damage Rules

The cards in this game have specific values. Ace = 1. 2-7 = their face value. 10 = wild. Face cards = 0.5.

The dealer deals one card face down to himself and another player. Both the dealer and the player can look at their own card. The player then bets any amount of drink that they will end up closer to 7.5. The player can then “hit” or “stay”. If they hit they are given another card, if they stay they are done drawing.

If the player busts (goes over 7.5) they must drink their bet.

If the player manages to get 5 cards without going over 7.5 they win instantly and the dealer drinks the bet.

If the player chooses to stay then it’s the dealers turn to try and score closer to 7.5 without going over.

At the end if no player has busted then the player/dealer with the lowest total drinks the bet. Then the dealer picks a new player and a new round is played. This continues until the deck is exhausted then the dealer picks a new player to deal.


The Brain Damage drinking game is pretty heavy and will likely result in some excessive drinking so please remember to drink responsibly and don’t go over your limits.