Boxhead Is a drinking game that somewhat resembles the classic 3-Man. Except this time the loser has to wear a box on their head which really adds insult to injury. The game plays out with players taking turns rolling a set of dice an drinking accordingly, hoping not to roll into becoming BoxHead and having to drink whenever anyone else does.

What You’ll Need

First things first you need to make a face in a box for this one. This can be done pretyy easily by cutting some eye holes into the box of a 12 pack or a 15 pack, which should be handy. Then everyone just needs some beers to play the game.

How To Play BoxHead

All you need to do in this game is take turns in a clockwise order rolling both dice.

2 – Roll Again and double the effect of the next roll
3 – Player to your left drinks
4 – Make a rule, anyone who breaks it drinks.
5 – Roll a die and drink that much
6 – Nothing happens
7 – Last player to put their thumb on the table drinks
8 – Roll a die and drink for that many seconds
9 – Player to your right drinks
10 – Bathroom Roll. Until you get this you can’t leave the table unless it’s to get a drink.
11 – You are now Boxhead!
12 – You are now Boxhead!

Whenever a player becomes Boxhead they must put the box on their head (obviously.) Then they drink whenever anyone else at the table drinks. They remain Boxhead until they roll 11, 12, or someone else does and steals the box from them.


The Boxhead drinking game is always a good time. Although it can often end up with one player drinking quite a bit so please make sure to drink responsibly and take a break if you require one.