Pyramid Drinking Game -

Bowling is a card game that imitates bowling as players try to knock down as many “pins” as possible by flipping over matching cards.

Set Up

To set up this game the dealer must place 10 cards face down in a pyramid, resembling the set up of bowling pins. (4,3,2,1). Then choose who will “bowl” first. The rest of the deck should be shuffled and placed in the center of the table.

How To Play Drunk Bowling

The bowler begins by drawing a card from the deck and placing it face up in front of them, this is their bowl. Then they flip over every one of the face down cards in the pyramid. All cards that match the suit of the bowl are “knocked down”.

After all cards are flipped place a new face down card on every “pin” that wasn’t knocked down. The bowler then draws a new card for his bowl and play proceeds just like last time.

Each bowler gets 3 bowls total, then then they score points equal to the number of pins they struck.

Bowlers should switch every round.

Special Cards

Aces: If an ace is flipped as a players bowl, it is a gutter ball. Regardless of the suit they don’t get to knock over any pins.

Kings: If a king is flipped as a players bowl, they knock over every remaining pin regardless of suit.


Drinking Rules

  • At the end of a players bowl they drink for every pin that wasn’t knocked down.
  • If they failed to knock down any pins, they must finish a full drink.
  • If a player gets a Spare (all pins knocked down in 2 tries) they may assign someone else to finish half a drink
  • If a player gets a Strike (all pins knocked down in 1 try) they may assign someone else to finish a full drink.


The bowling drinking game can also be played as a full 10 round game if players so choose. Just make sure to keep a paper and pencil handy to mark down points every round.