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Slop it – The Bop It Drinking Game

Slop-It The Bop It Drinking Game - the chuggernauts

Slop It is our Bop It drinking game that only requires one of those old Bop It toys and some drinks. This one’s really easy to play and works with any number of players. Preferably in a slightly smaller group since you might be waiting a while for your turn otherwise.

Setting It Up

For this game you’ll need everyone to be sitting in a circle or at least somewhere they can easily pass the Bop It around. Then you need a shot of hard alcohol, some drinks, and of course the Bop-It.

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Before the game starts pour the shot and place it in the middle. Whoever loses the game will be drinking it. Then one-by-one everyone needs to pick an action. The actions are typically Bop it, Pull it, Twist it, Flick it and Spin It. (This depends on the version as some will have less or more actions). Players will have to take a sip whenever their action comes up.

Make sure the game is set to the multiplayer mode that has the “Pass-It” mode so that everyone can play at once.

How To Play the Bop-It Drinking Game

For those unfamiliar with how to play Bop It, it’s a device with a speaker that will ask you to do an action. Simply do that action before the time is up and keep going until you’re asked to pass it clockwise.

Now as for drinking rules. Everyone should have selected an action before the game. Anytime that action comes up and you aren’t currently holding the Bop It, you need to take a drink.

Whoever loses the game needs to take a shot. If the game is lost due to a bad “Pass it” than players get to judge who’s fault it is and that person needs to take the shot.

This game is played elimination style. So every time someone is knocked out they are now out of the game and the remaining players play again. This continues until only 1 player remains who is crowned the master of Slop It.


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