Boozy Clue – The Clue Drinking Game

Clue Drinking Game -

This Clue drinking game takes a regular game of clue and makes it way more boozy. In this version nobody was murdered and instead you’re trying to figure out where Mr Black passed out drunk. Players switch out all the weapons with different types of alcohol. So depending on the version of Clue you choose this will require 6-8 different types of booze.


Six shot glasses and six different alcohol types. For best results don’t use too many hard liquor types because it might be too much drinking. So beer, wine, champagne, coolers, Bloody Marys etc all make good choices.

Set up

Before the game begins plays all need to decide which booze to attach to each weapon. Each should be different. For example the Candlestick could be Beer and the Knife could be Tequila. Make sure you write this all down somewhere every player can see it if need be. Then players set up and get ready to play a game of clue as normal.


Players race to find out how Mr Black passed out and with which type of alcohol. Every time a player makes an incorrect guess they must take a shot of the type of alcohol they mentioned in their suggestion.

Clue Drinking Game Rules

Players play the game as normal except all weapons are replaced with alcohols. Whenever a player makes an suggestion or accusation and is wrong they must drink a shot of the alcohol of the type they said.

At the end of the game the player who was correct in their accusation does not have to drink. However every other player must drink each alcohol card they are holding. The winning player may assign whichever alcohol cards they are holding to other players.

Additionally every time a player messes up and says the name of a weapon instead of it’s alcohol they must take a drink.

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This Clue drinking game is a decent amount of drinking depending on what players use as shots. We recommend doing mostly lower percentage alcohols and maybe one or two higher percentage ones. Boozy Clue is a great way to turn this game into a mess of drunken accusations.