Bongo Drinking Game

Indian Drinking Game

This game is also sometimes known as the Indian drinking game, but for the sake of not being Cleveland levels of ignorant we’re going to go with the Bongo drinking game. The object of the game is to follow a simple drum beat while trying to remember everyone’s chosen hand sign. No words of any kind are exchanged during this game.

What You’ll Need

This drinking game works best if you have a bongo for someone to play but if that’s not something you have handy it banging your hands on the table will do just fine. Then each player just needs a drink of choice.

Bongo Drinking Game Rules

Before the game can start everyone needs to come up with a hand signal. It can be anything you want but everyone’s must be different. Then all players sit in a circle.

The game starts when the bongo beat starts. This is either done by everyone drumming their hands on the floor or someone actually using a bongo to create the beat.

The game starts with someone making their own hand sign and then someone else’s. Then it’s the turn of whoever’s sign they chose to do the same.

If anyone fails the game due to making a wrong hand sign, hesitating too long, or being off-beat they lose. They need to take a drink or shot of alcohol. They are in charge of starting the next game.

Also no words can be exchanged during this game. Anyone who says a word loses.

In order to keep the game fresh and difficult players can opt to change up their hand signals every once in a while. Plus they can change the tempo of the beat to make it faster and more challenging.


The Bongo drinking game (otherwise known as the Indian drinking game) is an easy game for up to 10 players. Although as you down a few drinks you might find it harder and harder to keep a steady beat.