Bob’s Burgers Drinking Game

Bobs Burgers Drinking Game -

Bob’s Burgers is a cartoon series starring Jon Benjamin. In this show Bob runs a burger joint that is almost constantly just barely turning a profit. All the employees of the restaurant are his wife Lynne and 3 kids Tina, Gene and Louise. This cartoon follows their misadventures as they constantly struggle to keep their family business afloat.

This tv show drinking game is great for anyone who loves the dry sarcastic humor of this show. There’s a ton of common occurrences in this show that make it a great candidate for a drinking game such as Tina’s constant awkward interactions and Louise’s Cynicism. So grab a beer or two and get ready to watch the Bob’s Burgers drinking game!


The show Bobs Burgers and drinks. Bob’s burgers is currently streaming on Netflix.


Players will be drinking to all the characters in this show and the things they do each episode. As well as drinking more for Lynne’s singing and Mr Fishodor. Players also finish their drinks whenever bob’s burgers gets closed down.

Bob’s Burgers Drinking Game Rules

Drink Once Whenever

  • Tina talks about butts, Zombies, Horses or Fan Fiction
  • Tina groans
  • Gene mentions farts
  • Gene plays his keyboard
  • Lynne laughs
  • Louise threatens someone
  • Louise hatches a scheme
  • Bob says something sarcastic
  • Bobs mustache is talked about

Drink Three Times Whenever

  • A new burger of the day is mentioned
  • Mr Fishodor makes his first appearance in an episode
  • Lynne sings a song

Finish your drink whenever

  • Bob’s Burgers gets shut down (not including the intro)

Our bob’s burgers drinking game should be a pretty steady amount of drinking. The drink finishing rule doesn’t come up all too often maybe once or twice per season. Some episodes will obviously be a lot more drinking than others. Either way this drinking game is a great way to enjoy this hilarious show.