Bob Ross Drinking Game

The Bob Ross Drinking Game -

The Bob Ross Drinking Game works with any off the late great Bob Ross’ shows. There’s “chill with Bob Ross” and “Bob Ross beauty is everywhere” on Netflix as well as plenty of youtube videos that would work just fine. Basically all the shows are the same. Bob Ross teaches us to paint with the beauty and positivity that only he can portray.

Bob Ross shows make for a great drinking game because they flow an almost transing serenity even if you’re not much of a painter. There’s certain tropes to his shows that will always happen like Bob’s constant optimism. This game is great for those looking for a complete change of pace from the average drinking game and are looking for something a little more easy going.



Any Bob Ross show or video and drinks of choice.


Players will be drinking along with Bob Ross as he teaches us the beauty of painting. Players will be drinking for all the recurring tropes in his videos.


Bob Ross Drinking Game Rules:

Drink once every time:

  • Bob says something optimistic.
  • Bob says “fantasitic”.
  • Bob goes off on a tangent and talks about something in his life.
  • Bob cleans his paint brush.
  • Bob makes something difficult look easy.
  • Bob says “little”.


The Bob Ross Drinking Game is a great way to enjoy the serenity of Bobs artwork. It’s a decent amount of drinking simply because of how often he remains optomistic and calls things on the painting “little”. We decided not to include any drink finishing rule to this game since it doesn’t really need one. Most of these rules come up very consistently. So grab a drink or two and get ready to slow down and get your buzz on at the same time.