Bloody Knuckles Rules

This game is not always played as a drinking game but with just how ridiculous it is, you should probably be drinking. These bloody knuckles rules are not for the faint of heart so only go into this game if you have a high pain tolerance. The goal in this game is to spin a quarter and then fling it into the knuckles of your opponent, hopefully causing them to wince. As the name implies, there might be blood.

This game can be played with as many players as you desire as long as players sit in a circle around a table, and can all reach the spinning coin.

What You’ll Need

A quarter, some drinks, and some knuckles that are ready to withstand a beating.

Bloody Knuckles Rules

There’s two phases to this game, spinning and shooting.


Whoever decides to go first spins the quarter. Then the next player clockwise must flick it and make it continue spinning. This goes on until a player fails by either having it flop on their turn or fall off the table. Once the coin has stopped due to the negligence of a player, they enter the shooting phase.


Whoever caused the coin to stop must now take a large chug of their drink to prepare for the shooting phase. Once they’re done they put their knuckles on the table, with their arm perpendicular to the table.

Whoever is directly across the table from the person who failed is the shooter. They put the coin flat on the table then put their thumb against the coin. They now get to slide it as hard as they can into the other players knuckles. If the quarter misses entirely the shooter must take a big chug of their drink.


Bloody Knuckles rules can change a bit depending who you’re playing with. Sometimes players are eliminated when they bleed, and other times players continue playing until they can’t anymore. However you choose to play make sure to exercise caution and please drink responsibly.