Bloody Hell Drinking Game

The Bloody hell drinking game is one of the easier ones to pull out at a party because it only requires a single die and the rules are pretty straight forward.


All that’s needed for this game is a single die and some drinks. Plus some very basic math skills.

Bloody Hell Drinking Game Rules

First a player is chosen to go first. They roll the die. The next player clockwise now has to try and match this number. If they roll lower they can keep rolling and add the numbers together to try and total the same number.

But if they accidentally go over, then they drink and the next player must now try to match what they rolled.

This game is pure luck and just requires rolling a die a few times. The Bloody Hell drinking game can get pretty frustrating just because of how unlikely it can be to match someone’s number. If the game proves to be too simple we suggest adding some house rules to mix things up. Either way please make sure to drink responsibly.