Bloodsport Drinking Game

JCVD DickPunch -

Bloodsport is the story of the all-american Frank Dux (Oddly cast by the Belgian Jean-Claude Van Damme) going to Hong-Kong to participate in a fighting competition called Kumite. It’s basically just a feature length showing of JCVD kicking ass and showing off how good he is at doing the splits.

This drinking game is a perfect way to enjoy this classic film. If you’re a fan of action or JCVD’s sweet-sweet buns than this movie is a must-see.


Bloodsport and drinks.


Players will drink whenever JCVD does one of his many tropes during this movie. As well as specific movie tropes like the constant mention of Kumite. Players will also finish their drinks during the JCVD ass-shot and when he does the splits to crank a guy in the funbag.


Bloodsport Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one when

  • Someone performs a spin kick
  • JCVD does the splits
  • Someone stares someone down
  • Someone performs Kata, this includes anyone doing it during fights.
  • You hear Kumite. This includes the song where it happens many times.
  • Someone’s being stereotypical of their race
  • Ray invades someones personal space


Finish your drink when

  • You see JCVD’s ass
  • Someone gets punched in the dick


The Bloodsport Drinking Game is a pretty decent amount of drinking. The dick punching and JCDVs ass should only come up once each since a lot of the dick punches in this movie might actually be gut punches. Only JCVD can get away with being in a sex scene where you see more of his ass than the woman he’s supposed to be sleeping with. Also everyone and their mother seems to know about Kumite even though it’s supposed to be a secret so it comes up a lot. For those wondering Kata is the Japanese flex-focusing that almost every fighter in this movie does and JCVD does many times on his own.

So grab a few beers and drink along with Frank Dux’s confusing journey to become the best at this obscure karate competition.