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Blood Bowl Drinking Game

The Blood Bowl Drinking Game - the chuggernauts

This Blood Bowl drinking game works for either the board game or the video game. For those that never played it it’s set in the Warhammer world and you pick your classes to play a brutal game of football. Think of it like Warhammer meets fantasy football. It’s a good mix of strategy and luck so it makes for a great drinking game.


Basically how this game works is you just play a regular game of Blood Bowl with however many players you want. Then whenever you mess up or get a bum roll you gotta take some drinks. So just read through the drinking rules belong then start up a match.

What You’ll Need

The game (either table top or the video game) and some drinks. If you choose the video game version we suggest using Blood Bowl 2.

Bloodbowl Drinking Game Rules

Take A Single Sip Whenever

  • You lose possesion (not from tripping)
  • You roll a skull (Attacker Down not Both Down)

Take Two Sips Whenever

  • One of your players is stunned
  • You trip and lose the ball

Take Three Sips Whenever

  • One of your players gets KO’d or injured
  • You concede a touchdown
  • You roll two skulls in the same roll

Finish What’s Left of Your Drink or Take a Shot Whenever

  • One of your players is killed
  • You roll 3 or more Skulls in the same roll and are forced to take one of them
  • You lose the game

This game contains quite a bit of drinking especially if you have terrible luck like I do or you decide to play one of the teams that’s very prone to injuries. If you want to keep things more-or-less even you could both try playing the same team or randomize which team you’ll use. No matter how you choose to play the Blood Bowl Drinking Game remember to drink responsibly, if you feel like you’ve had enough take a break.