Blind Man’s Fumble

This one goes down as one of the funnest drinking games to play outdoors. Blind Man’s Fumble is pretty easy to understand. One player tries to fine two beers within a designated area and chug them. Then another player attempts the same and the player with the best time wins.

What You’ll Need

A blind fold, a lot of beer, a timer (or timer app on a phone) and something to tape off the play area like tape, extension cords, rope, etc…

Setting It Up

First an area must be agreed upon and roped off. Generally something like 20ft by 20ft works. Then mark it with whatever you have handy like a roll of tape.

Once that’s done one player is blindfolded and two other players hide beers within the playing area. Now the game is ready to begin.

Blind Man’s Fumble Rules

Whoever was chosen to be the blind man must be spun until they’re good an dizzy. Once they spin enough times they touch the ground and the game is ready to begin. Start the timer.

The blind man must try to find the other beers without removing the blindfold. The other players watching must tell him when he’s out of bounds.

Once the blind man finds a beer he must open it and chug it back. Then keep searching for that second beer. Once both beers have been found and chugged then the timer can stop and another player can attempt the game. Whoever has the lowest time wins!

Team Mode

If you want this game can also be played in teams of 2, 3 or more. Although with more players you’ll want a bigger play area.

The team mode of the Blind Man’s Fumble drinking game works a little differently. Instead of timing it separately everyone plays at once, all stumbling around together. There should be 1 beer in the play area for every person playing. Whenever someone finds a beer they stand up and chug it, once it’s done thats 1 point for their team. Whichever team has the most points at the end of the round wins the game!