Black Butler Drinking Game

Black Butler Drinking Game -

The Black Butler Drinking Game will have players drink to the anime adaptation of the manga with the same name. Black butler follows Ciel Phantomhive and his demonic butler Sebastian as they do work for the queen of England. The work of course is dealing with crimes related to the supernatural in London’s underworld. Otherwise the story follows their day to day lives as the upper class. So prepare to watch rich people and butlers fight to the death in the name of the queen.


The anime Black Butler and drinks.


Players will drink as the house servants mess around, Ciel and Sebastian act oddly, and people drink tea. Also for some reason many background characters will be wearing hats so keep that in mind. Tanaka is usually drawn super deformed but every so often he appears normally, this will cause players to finish their drinks.

Black Butler Drinking Game Rules

Drink one whenever:

  • Someone says Sebastian or Phantomhive.
  • Ciel gives Sebastian an order.
  • Sebastian is calm during outrageous situations.
  • Ciel is upset or says something sinister.
  • Any of the house servants cause trouble.
  • Someone is wearing a hat.
  • Tea is mentioned or drank.

Drink three whenever:

  • Sebastian says his catch phrase¬†“I am merely one hell of a butler” or any variation of it.
  • Anyone manages to injure Sebastian.

Finish your drink whenever:

  • Tanaka appears normally, rather than in his super deformed state.

With equal parts action and normal rich people lifestyle, the Black Butler Drinking Game will have players drinking to a variety of occurrences within the show. Be it the crazy amount of tea drinking and hats that show up to Sebastian’s catch phrase. Players will also have to finish their drinks whenever the butler Tanaka appears normally. Get some drinks ready, preferably something other than tea, and get ready to delve into the demonic side of London.