Bite The Bag Rules

Bite the Bag Drinking Game -

Ever wish you could play a drinking game that only requires a paper bag? Probably not. But here it is anyway. The Bite the Bad Rules are pretty easy to follow along with. The basic goal of the game is to pick-up the paper bag with your mouth without toppling over like an idiot. Easier said than done after a few drinks. This drinking game is about as fun to watch as it is to play, always good for a few laughs!

What You’ll Need

As the name implies you’ll need a bad. A paper bag to be exact. And of course some drinks to explain why you’re doing this. A pair of scissors would also be handy but if you can’t acquire those it should be fine.

Bite the Bag Rules

To start put the paper bag on the ground.

Players take turns trying to pick up the paper bag with their mouth. The kicker is that players may not touch the ground with anything but their feet, and may not touch the bag with anything but their mouth.

If anyone fails they need to chug their drink or take a shot.

Every few rounds someone should shorten the bag. This can be done by cutting it down with scissors or simply rolling it down.

The game ends when the bag is too short for anyone to be able to pick it up with their mouths anymore.


These bite the bag rules should make for a great time. It’s a double edged sword because as players drink more and lose their balance, the bag is also getting shorter. Be careful though, it should go without saying that it’s pretty easy to fall over during this game. If you like more active exciting drinking games like this one, we suggest checking out Bucket Ball. As always please remember to drink responsibly and take a break if you need one.