Bet Your Liver Drinking Game Rules

The Bet Your Liver drinking game is probably the easiest way you can just grab a deck of cards and play a drinking game. It’s both incredible simple and leads to a lot of drinking. Which is perfect if you want to pre game. What happens is players just pour into a glass then guess whether the next card will be red or black. If they’re right then it’s the next players turn otherwise they drink everything in the glass. This game works with any number of people.

What You’ll Need

A deck of cards and a large glass to drink out of.

Bet Your Liver Drinking Game Rules

On a players turn they first pour some of their drink into the glass (their bet) and then guess red or black. Then a card is flipped. If they were correct than the next player goes. If they were wrong then they drink the glass.

This game gets tricky because it starts out light but if players make a bunch of correct guesses in a row suddenly you’re faced with a full glass and a 50/50 shot of drinking it.


There’s a few variants to this game that make it a little more interesting.

Suit Bets: In this variants players name a single suit and hope it’s not that suit. This means there will be more correct guesses and fuller cups to drink!

Seconds: Instead of putting drinks into a glass players can bet seconds. If they lose then they must drink for that number of seconds. It’s up to the other players to count while they’re drinking and they can go as slow or quick as they want.


If you wanted to check out a game that’s a lot like Bet Your Liver except with a coin instead check out the Arrogance Drinking Game. It’s important to remember to drink responsibly especially when playing games like this that could involve a lot of chugging.