Best Drinking Games to Play for Adults and Teams

Alcohol-fueled activities work best in need to break the ice, bond with people, and enjoy a night out. Try many casino games to add excitement and entertainment to your evening, whether at parties, a bar, or hosting a game night at home. Here are some of the best drinking games for grownups and groups.

TOP Drinking Games with Trivia

Team drinking games with trivia are a great chance to test your knowledge and have a little enjoyment at the same time. Let’s consider the top alcohol-fueled activities with trivia.


Disney booze-inspired activities will bring lots of great memories and make your night great. Simply gather a group of companions, choose your favorite Disney production, and get ready to drink whenever certain situations take place in the film. For example, have a drink every time a character breaks out into song, the villain appears on screen, or a character says a specific word or phrase. Then, pause the film and ask a trivia question about it. Anyone who answers incorrectly will grab a shot. Ask questions about the voice actors or behind-the-scenes details to make things even more challenging.

Movie & TV

These team drinking games help to excite your nights. Choose a film or TV show and create rules. For example, drink when a character says a specific word or phrase, a particular action happens on screen, or when a character dies. Some famous cinematography and TV alcohol-fueled activities include that of the “Game of Thrones,” where you drink every time someone says, “Winter is coming.” Later, ask a trivia question related to the show or film. If someone answers incorrectly, they take a sip.

The Weakest Drink App

The Weakest Drink App will turn your dull night into a thousand laughs with only a phone in your hands. Download the app, select a trivia category, like “history” or “sports,” and enter the names of all the gamers. The app will ask each bettor questions; the person with the weakest answer drinks. It is perfect for events and get-togethers.

Best Online Casino Drinking Games

Online casino games have grown popular over the years. This owes to the enjoyment and ecstasy that bettors derive from them. However, finding the right platform for the best gambling experience is essential. The ones prepared by experts and presented on an online casino list by include credible and trustworthy betting sites. In these best online casinos in Canada, you will find many team-drinking games. We have listed the ones that combine the excitement of online gambling with that of downing shots.


Blackjack is a popular casino game that is easily turned into an alcohol-fueled activity. Everyone takes turns being the Dealer, and the Dealer has to do a shot when they bust. Gamers may also take a sip when they win or lose a hand.


Roulette is another popular casino gaming service that bettors turn into a drinking game. Each gambler bets on a number or color; if they lose, they must make a sip. Players may also take a shot each round the ball lands on a specific number or color.

Slot Machines

Slot machines work like magic when you want to excite your casino night. To turn it into a booze-inspired activity, choose a slot machine and set a rule that players must drink every time they lose or hit a specific combination.


Poker is a classic casino game gamblers turn into an alcohol-inspired activity. To play, each adult is dealt with, and the person with the lowest hand has to take a sip. Canadian players may also take a shot when they fold, win, or lose a hand.

Fun Drinking Games with Cards

Pokers are a classic way to have nice moments with allies, and many drinking card games are played with a deck. Check out the most interesting tippling party games with a pack.

Screw the Dealer

Screw the Dealer is a classic card game that is easy to learn. To start, someone is chosen to be the Dealer, and they have to guess the suit of the top one in the deck. If they think correctly, the person to their left takes a shot. If they assume incorrectly, the Dealer takes a sip.

King’s Cup

King’s Cup is often played with a deck and a cup. Arrange the deck in a circle around the Cup, and take turns drawing from the pack. Each card corresponds to a specific rule, such as “never have I ever,” and the player who draws it has to follow the law. If a gamer breaks a rule, they have to take a drink, and this continues until there’s none left.

Circle of Death

Circle of Death is a fast-paced and interesting drinking game played with decks. Arrange the decks in a circle and take turns drawing. Each drawn card translates to a specific action, and the one who draws it has to act accordingly. If a gamer messes up, they take alcohol until there’s none left.

Movie Tippling Games

Film nights are perfect for relaxing, unwinding, and spending quality moments with friends or family. However, adding a little extra excitement to the mix won’t hurt anybody, and that’s where these games come in. Read along to learn the best ones that will make your night memorable.

Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus is a classic Halloween film that follows the story of three witches brought back to life in Salem, Massachusetts, on Halloween night. Try sipping when the Sanderson sisters say “amok” or “book.”

Love Actually

This romantic comedy follows the lives of several interconnected couples as they navigate their relationships during the holiday season. Take a shot whenever a new romantic plotline is introduced, or when a character makes a grand romantic gesture.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter movies follow the story of a young wizard named Harry Potter, who attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and battles against the dark wizard Voldemort. Play by taking a shot whenever a spell is cast, or new magical creatures are introduced.

Passport to Paris

The film follows the adventures of the Olsen twins as they visit Paris with their grandfather. For the Passport to Paris alcohol-fueled activity, sip whenever the twins speak French or visit a landmark in Paris.

Bottom Line

Booze-fueled activities are entertaining for spending an evening with buddies or family. Whether you prefer trivia, poker, or film-booze-fueled games, there are many options to choose from. Just remember to drink responsibly and enjoy.

It’s essential to always be aware of your limits and never to get drunk and drive. So, gather several friends, grab some drinks, and prepare for a night of laughter and enjoyment.