The Best Drinking Games for 3 People


We know the struggle. There’s so many drinking games out there but most of them don’t make a whole lot of sense with 3 people. Not quite enough for team games and too many for 1-on-1 games. But we dug through our catalog to try and pick out the best drinking games for 3 people so you don’t have to. If the blurbs aren’t enough click the title of any given game to go to a much more thorough rundown of the rules.


Top Drinking Games for 3 People

Beer 99

Card Game

The idea of Beer 99 is to keep adding to the central value until the sum of the value of all cards reaches 99. Players each start with 4 cards and then go in turn slapping a card onto the pile. Making sure to draw a new card at the end of their turn to be back up to 4 cards. Whichever player gets the pile to equal exactly 99 assigns any other player to finish half a drink. However if anyone is forced to make the pile go over 99 they must finish half a drink themselves. Additionally any time the value of the stack ends in 9 such as 19 or 39, every player takes a drink.

There’s a few cards with special effects as well.

4 – Skip your own turn OR cancel any drinks you’re supposed to take

10 – If this is played when the value is above 90 it instead drops the value by 10.

King – Pass your drinking responsibilities to another player.

Power Hour

The Power Hour Drinking Game

Power hour is simple and effective. Simply put on a timer and take a shot of beer every minute for 60 minutes. It doesn’t sound like much but it’s definitely difficult. Players should use actual shot glasses to ensure they drink as much as each other. There’s plenty of power hour videos on Youtube as well that will stop each minute and get players to take their shots.


Arrogance is a fantastic game for those of us who like seeing our cocky friends get burned. As an added bonus all it requires is a large glass and a single coin! It’s an extremely simple game that gets more intense as confidence levels rise. All you need to do is place the large glass or pitcher in the center of the table. Then choose a starting player. That player will pour as much of their drink into the glass as they want then flip a coin and call it before it lands. If they’re correct they pass the cup with all the drink to the next player. If they’re wrong they must drink whatever is in the cup. So basically this game gets really intense once four or five players have already passed the pitcher and it’s getting alarmingly full.


Sixes -

Sixes is the right game for those of us who just want to get to the drinking already. To set up players place 6 empty shot glasses in a row(1 to 6). Then it’s as simple as rolling a die. If the number they rolled corresponds to an empty shot glass they must fill it up with whatever they’re drinking, if it’s already full they have to drink it. It’s that easy.


Bus Driver

Bus Driver is a good 3 player drinking game because it’s just enough people that the rotation won’t take forever to get back to your turn. To set up the dealer (Or Bus Driver) places 5 cards in a row face down and then one face up at the end. The guesser (Or Bus Rider) must guess if the next card in the row will be higher or lower than the card showing. If the Rider is correct they continue to guess until they are incorrect. If they make an incorrect guess 4 new cards are placed face down and the game continues from the start and they must drink. If they make it to the end and flip all the cards the Driver must drink and a new Driver and Rider are chosen for the next round.


Our Favorite 3 Player Drinking Game

Drunk Jenga

Drunken Jenga

Drunk Jenga is one of the more creative drinking games you could play. It’s also one of the better 3 player drinking games because Jenga works great with few players. The downside being you need to own a copy of Jenga you’re willing to write on. First you got to get a marker then you write a different rule on each block. For example rules like “Do a handstand” or “Drink 3 times” will do. Whenever a player pulls a block they must do the action on the block. At the end of the game whoever knocks over the tower takes a drink. If you’re having trouble thinking of good rules we came up with a short list to help get those creative juices flowing.


Know any drinking games for 3 people you would have added? Feel free to contact us from our contact-us page! As always try to remember that these are just games. Make sure to Drink Responsibly.