10 Best Drinking Card Games of All Time

Through our vast collection of drinking card games we have filtered out what we believe to be the 10 best drinking games of all time, and believe us when we say we did enough testing to be sure. These include a lot of classics but also a lot of unique games we think everyone should try out.

Top 10 Best Drinking Card Games of All Time


Kings Drinking Game -

Kings is the perfect game for anyone who just wants to flip some cards and do some drinking. None of that pesky strategy. Simply shuffle the deck and players take turns drawing cards, doing specific actions depending on the cards drawn.

  • Ace: “Waterfall”. The player who drew this then proceeds to drink as much of his drink as he wants. The next player clockwise then has to start drinking his/her own drink until the player before him/her puts their drink down. This continues clockwise until the last player puts their drink down.
  • Two: Assign one drink to another player.
  • Three: Take one drink.
  • Four: Last player to touch the floor takes 1 drink.
  • Five:  All guys  take 1 drink.
  • Six:  All girls  take 1 drink.
  • Seven:  Last player to raise their hand drinks.
  • Eight:. The Player that flipped this card states something they have never done. Everyone who has done that must take 1 drink.
  • Nine: The player that flipped this card chooses a word and then players take turns in a clockwise order trying to rhyme with that word. First player to take too long to thinkof a word or repeats a word has to drink.
  • Ten: The player who drew this card says 3 words to start a story. Then in turn going clockwise the next player must repeat every word of the story and then add a word of their own at the end. First to screw up drinks.
  • Jack: The player who drew this cards names a category. Then in turn each player must name something that fits within that category. The player who fails to do so has to drink.
  • Queen: Whoever drew this card must ask someone a question. Then the person who was asked that question must respond with a question and direct it at another player. First to screw up drinks.
  • King: Make a rule. Anyone who breaks the rule drinks.


BlackoutJack is our twist on the common game of Blackjack. The bonus of this game is that most people already know how to play it so you don’t gotta spend your whole night explaining game rules.

In addition to a shuffled deck of cards, each player needs two shot glasses. They then pick a dealer for the first round and fill one of their shot glasses with their drink.

  • If any player busts, they must drink their shot.
  • At the end of a round any player who lost to the dealer, drinks their shot.
  • At the end of a round the dealer drinks the shot of every player that beat him. (dealer wins on ties)
  • If any player gets a blackjack, they can fill both of their shot glasses with their drink and hand them out to whoever they want.

Make sure to rotate dealers every round.

Irish Poker

Irish Poker -


Irish Poker is an easy drinking game with cards that works in a couple phases.

To start the dealer deals out everyone four cards, and then 8 cards into the center of the table face down forming two rows of 4.

First everyone guesses if the their first card will be black or red. Then they flip over one of their card. If they are correct they give out a drink, if they are incorrect they take a drink.

Second everyone guesses whether their next flip will be higher or lower than the previous card they flipped. If they are correct they give out a drink, if they are incorrect they take a drink.

Third everyone will guess if the next card will be between their first two cards, or outside. Correct give a drink, incorrect take a drink.

Lastly everyone will guess if their final card will be the same suit as one of the cards they have, or a different suit. Guess right, give a drink. Guess wrong, take a drink.

Now everyone should have all four of their cards face up and the dealer can start flipping the central cards. The column on the left represents “take” and the column on the right represents “give”. Starting closest to the dealer and going outwards the rows are worth 1 drink, 2 drinks, 3 drinks, and 4 drinks.

As the dealer flips cards, if they match the number of the cards a player has they must either take or give drinks depending what was flipped. So if a player has a 3, and a 3 was flipped on the second row of the give column, they would be giving two drinks. This continues until all cards are flipped.

F The Dealer

F the Dealer is a classic game where players hope and pray they aren’t the final dealer who has to do a brunt of the drinking. This game has players trying to guess which card the dealer is holding. Incorrect guesses lead to drinking for the guesser, and correct guesser lead to drinking for the dealer. The only way the dealer gets to hand off the deck to another player is if 3 players fail to guess the card.

The dealer draws and asks the player to his left which card he’s holding. If the player guesses correctly the dealer drinks 5 times, otherwise the guesser gets a second guess. On the second guess if the guesser is correct the dealer drinks 3 times, otherwise the guesser has failed and must drink the difference between their final guess and the actual card.

If the dealer manages to get 3 players in a row to guess incorrectly, they can pass the deck and someone else can deal. Once a card is guessed or flipped for not being guessed, it’s played on the table for everyone to see. This makes it so that further down the game most of the cards are visible and the dealer will end up drinking for more correct guesses.


Card Game

Jail is very much in the same spirit as Kings. Simply flip the cards and do the action required. Except this one has players thrown in “jail” forcing them to drink more until they can flip the right card to escape.

  • 2: Drink twice
  • 3: Drink 3 times
  • 4: Drink 4 times
  • 5: Whoever drew this card is now in jail. Any player in jail must drink every time any other player drinks. If a player draws a 5 while already in jail they can get out of jail. keep this card until you are out of jail.
  • 6: Whoever drew this card must stand up. They cannot sit down until they draw a sit down card. keep this card until you have to sit down.
  • 7: If the player who drew this is standing they may now sit down. Discard this card.
  • 8: Whoever drew this must create a rule. Any player who breaks the rule must take a drink.
  • 9: Pee card. No one is allowed to go to the bathroom without turning in a Pee Card. You can hold on to this card until it’s needed.
  • 10:  Get out of jail. you can turn it in with your 5 to get out of jail or hold onto it and save it for later.
  • Jack: Give out a drink
  • Queen: Give out 2 drinks
  • King: Give out 3 drinks
  • Ace: Give out 4 drinks


Pyramid Drinking Game -

Pyramid is the age old answer to the question “You know any good drinking games?”. And for good reason, it’s easy to play and there’s a ton of drinking involved.

First a dealer shuffles the deck and then places cards face down on the table to resemble a pyramid. 5 – 4 – 3  – 2 and 1. Then the rest of the deck is dealt to each player equally to make their hand.

One by one the dealer flips cards from the pyramid. If a number shows up and you also have that number in your hand, you can play it on another player to make them drink. The amount they drink is based on which row the card was flipped on. Where the largest row is worth 1 drink, the second row is worth 2, the third is worth 3, and so on.


Sevens Drinking Game -

For those looking for a really heavy drinking game, Sevens should do the trick.

Before the game starts make sure to get out every seven and place them all in a vertical line. Then deal out all the cards to each remaining player as evenly as possible. Then choose a starting player. Turn order is clockwise.

On a players turn they aim to play a card that connects to one on the table. For instances places the six of spades to the left of the seven of spades, or placing the 8 of clubs to the right of the 7 of clubs.

If a player cannot play next to another card on the board, they have to leave a gap and place it where it would have ended up if it connected. If this happens the player must drink equal to the amount of cards played in that row. So if there’s 6 connecting spades, and he plays a spade that doesn’t connect, he drinks six times.

This game is pretty harsh, especially around the end where players can be drinking upwards of 10 sips on their turn. So please make sure to drink responsibly.

Horse Race

Horse Race Drinking Game -

The Horse Race card game is a great way to feed your alcohol addiction and your gambling addiction at the same time. The goal here is to place “bets” on which ace they think will reach the finish line first.

To start the game the dealer first gets out every Ace, these will represent the horses. Place them in a vertical line. Then place 7 cards face down in a horizontal line above the aces. This will be the race track, first ace to reach the last card wins.

Now everyone needs to make a bet on which Ace they think will win.

Once all bets are in, the race begins. Start flipping cards from the deck. Whenever a card is flipped, whichever ace matches it’s suit moves up one space. First ace to reach the 7th space wins the race.

If your horse didn’t win the race, you must drink equal to your bet. If it did you can assign drinks equal to your bet.


Speed Bump

Speedbump Drinking Game -

The Speed Bump card game is a simple game of guessing higher or lower. First the dealer deals out cards much like in the picture above in the center of the table. 2 face up, one face down, two face up. Then he chooses a player to torment.

That player must, starting from left to right, guess if the next flipped card will be higher or lower than the one showing.

If at any point the guesser guesses wrong, they must drink equal to the position of the card they failed on. For example failing on the six of hearts (the fourth card in the row) would result in 4 drinks. Then the player must start again from the beginning with new cards dealt.

The only way out of this game is to guess all cards correctly. So the guesser can be stuck drinking over and over in constant frustration, or simply cruise right through.

Wasted War

4 of a kind

This war drinking game is our drunken take on the classic game of war. You remember that game from your childhood right? All the cards are dealt out to the players as evenly as possible, then players each flip cards at the same time. Highest card gets to take the rest of the cards. Then play goes on like that until only one player has cards leftover, shuffling each time they burn through the deck.

War’s also occur when two players are tied for the highest card. This is where they each play 3 cards face down then another face up. Highest gets all the cards laid out this way.

To add a bit of drunken intrigue we added the following rules.

  • If you lose a card, take a drink. (this means multiple drinks for lost wars)
  • If you play a 2, take an extra drink.
  • If you play the jack of clubs, drink five times.
  • If you lose a joker or an ace, drink twice.
  • When you’re out of the game, finish your drink.

Jokers: We also added a special rule for jokers in this game. Whenever you play one you must drink to determine it’s value. So each sip adds one. For example if you are trying to beat a 10 on the table you must drink 11 times to make the joker worth 11 or forfeit it.


Bonus Card Drinking Game: Drink-O-Tron

Drink-O-Tron Drinking Game -

We felt this game needs to be mentioned in any article about drinking card games. Although this game is not played with traditional playing cards it’s one of the best ways to get a buzz on with some friends. Simply flip some cards, and do what the action says. Often resulting in some hilarious bad drinking decisions. This game is either available for purchase here as a full card game, or there’s a free drinking game app available as well.