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BeiRipped Rules

BeiRipped (Sometimes known simply as beirip) is a clever drinking game that is a mix of beirut and flip cup. The goal is to sink a cup in order to make the other team be on Defense and finish off their cups.

Setting It Up

This game requires some plastic cups to fill up and a long enough table. Set up the cup in two rows of 8, and then two more rows of 3 in front of them. Then each player should stand along side the table with an additional cup ready for a game of flip cup.

Shooters stand on the same end of the table, opposite of the cups. With their team mates on the same side of them but lengthways down the table.  The leader of each team takes turns throwing a ball at the cups until one of them makes it and the other does not. The team that succeeds gets to be Offense and the other team is Defense.

How to Play BeiRipped


The shooter on defense must chug the cup that was sank and then flip it. Then once that’s done the next player on their team chugs their cup and so on until every team member is done.

If defense manages to finish the game of flip cup before the offense then they get a successful “Block”. meaning the cup that was sank initially doesn’t count and the offense doesn’t get a point. The cup is still removed.

After this play resumes with two new shooters taking another shot.


As soon as the ball is sank the offense can start their game of flip cup with the first player chugging their drink, then flipping it. Once they’re done the next player in line can do the same and so on.

If the offensive team can finish their drinks before the defensive team then the point is valid and they score.


The high intensity game of Beiripped requires a lot of beer and a lot of cups. The game is over when one team has enough points that the other team can’t possibly catch up. As always if you’re going to play a chugging game like this one please remember to drink responsibly.