Beer Snap

Beer snap is a great party drinking game because it’s as simple as flipping cards. There’s no strategy or complicated rules. It simply requires players to say snap when they see a matching card before the other player to avoid drinking.



A deck of cards and drinks.

Set up:

Deal out the entire deck evenly to each player, face down in a stack.


Players take turns flipping the top card of theit stack calling out “snap!” If it matches antone else’s top face up card.


Beer Snap Drinking Game rules:

Play starts left of the dealer and then proceeds clockwise. Each player takes turns flipping one face down card face up. If the newly flipped card matches anyone else’s face up card both matching players must say “snap!”. Whoever is the last player to sat snap must drink accordingly:

2 to 6: one sip

7 to 10: two sips

Jack – Ace: three sips

Joker: finish your drink

When players flip a card over it should cover their other flipped cards in a face up pile in front of them. This was each player should always have only 1 card showing.

Play continues until every card has been flipped.


Hard mode:

If players are looking to play a version of this game with way more drinking try matching suits instead of numbers. This way snaps will occur on almost every flip.



The regular version of Beer Snap is a fairly casual amount of drinking. It’s a very simple game and a quick way to have a few drinks and socialize. The hard mode however will be a lot of drinking especially for those of us with short attention spans.