Beer Pressure – A Drinking Game of Dares

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Beer Pressure is a drinking card game from the folks that brought us the Twisted board game. It’s a dare board game where everyone must either do a drunken activity or drink for chickening out, which makes sure everyone will get drunk enough to have a good time.

This simple card game serves one purpose, to make sure everyone has a great night. Loaded with fun dares, it’s an exciting way to get everyone talking. Each of the 100 cards has a unique challenge printed on it such as chugging, stripping or playing a crazy drinking game. But don’t worry, some of the crazier dares also give you the option to drink to avoid doing them.

How It Works

One great thing about this game is you should be able to understand how to play from simply looking at the cards. They all tell you quite clearly what’s at stake such as “Twerk for 30 seconds or drink 3 times.”.

Each player sits in a circle, preferably around a table and takes turns flipping cards. From there you’re off to the races. There’s no real end point to the game, so just flip cards until the deck is depleted or you’re ready to move on to something else.

Beer Pressure Review

Beer Pressure makes for a great little party companion. The small box and simple rules mean it’s easy to bring to any occasion and have people laughing in no-time. A great way to spice up the night if things are getting a little stale.

With all the drinking rules in this game, we suggest playing it at the start or middle of the night while everyone is still sober enough to play it. If you’re looking for something a bit more intimate, we suggest taking a look at another great game called Dizzy Date.

Unlike Beer Pressure, Dizzy Date is geared towards couples. This couples drinking game is a fun way to spice up your love life and get the liquor flowing too.

Check out Dizzy Date here

Dizzy Date includes 100 cards for couples. There’s cards to get to know each other and your relationship like “Drink if you’ve ever farted in front of your partner” and a bunch of spicy cards such as “Close your eyes and lick whatever body part your partner puts in front of you”. So this game does a good job of proposing risky dares and also making sure you’re drunk enough to consider them.