Beer Darts – The Drinking Game and Multi-Tool

This handy-dandy multi tool is the perfect drinking companion for any cabin or camping trip. It takes the tried and true game of Beer Darts and makes it much easier to manage. Plus it comes with a bottle opener and a solid set of darts all in one sleek package.

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Whether you’ve never played the game of beer darts or you’re a seasoned professional, this kit is perfect for you. With magnets keeping it all together it makes this compact kit the perfect travel companion.

How To Play Beer Darts

Before we get into our review of Beer Darts, it’ll help to understand how the game is played. The specific rules to beer darts tend to vary from yard to yard, so you usually want to go with the house rules. But here’s how we like to play.

Objective of the Game

The aim of the game is to empty your opponents beer before they can empty yours by tossing a dart into their can and forcing them to drink until it stops spilling out.

Setting up

First give each team a Beer Dart holder and a dart and have them stand or sit at least 12 feet apart. Place the beer dart holder on the ground in front of the player and put a full opened beer into the holder. Now you’re ready to start the game.

Play of the Game

Once teams have decided who starts the game, it’s time to throw some darts. Teams take turns tossing a dart from their end and trying to hit the opponents can. If they miss nothing happens. If they hit it their opponent must take a sip of their beer, however if they make a hole in the can with the dart they must drink the beer until it stops spilling out of the hole.

Play continues back and forth until one person has no beer left to drink in their can, making the other player the victor.

Optional Rules

  • Kill Rule: if the beer lands their dart inside the mouth of the opponent’s beer, that opponent loses and must finish the whole beer.
  • Tip Over Rule: If a team’s beer is knocked over they lose.
  • Hail Mary Rule: At any point a player can call a Hail Mary, where they shoot from twice as far back as normal. If they hit the can they win, if they miss the can they lose.
  • Foul Rule: If a player hits someone or something outside of the play area they lose.
  • Water Can: In this variant, instead of beer an empty beer is filled with water. This is mostly done to prevent spilling.

Beer Darts Review

As a team of drinking game enthusiasts, we were already aware of beer darts as a drinking game. We’d usually just play with nothing but a can and a couple darts so at first we were wondering why we would need more than that.

We were pleasantly surprised at just how useful these little gadgets are. Not only do they serve to hold the darts, they steady the can so it doesn’t go spilling all over the ground after each shot. Just set them down anywhere and start tossing.

As for the quality of the Beer Darts holder, it’s very well designed. The darts are decent quality and the whole thing works exactly as intended. The little magnets that hold them together and the bottle opener underneath were both useful too. It’s clear a lot of engineering ingenuity went into these.

All in all a great product. A great addition to any outdoor gathering.