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How To Play Beer Ball – Simple Rules

How To Play Beer Ball by

Beer Ball is an active drinking game where players try to hit the opponents cans and be the first to chug their drinks. It’s typically played 2 vs 2, but can be played with any number of players as long as the teams are even.

What You’ll Need To Play

4 unopened beers (1 per player), a ping pong ball or other small ball, and a table with enough room to run around it.

Setting It Up

Place 1 unopened can or bottle of on each corner of the table. 2 per team.

Goal Of The Game

The goal of Beer Ball is to finish your beers before the opponents. The kicker is you can only drink after you hit their beer with the ping pong ball, and you can only drink until they retrieve it and put it back on the table. So speed is important!

How To Play Beer Ball

Beer Ball plays out similar to beer pong, as players alternate tossing the ball at the opponents drink on the table.

If a player misses their shot, nothing happens and it’s now the opposing teams turn.

However if they hit one of the opponents cans, then every member of their team can start chugging their drink. They are allowed to drink until the opponents retrieve the ball and place it on the table.

This continues until one team has finished BOTH of their beers. Beers can not be drank casually and can only be drank after hitting the opponents can. First team to finish off both of their drinks wins the game!

Additional Rules (Optional)

Add in these optional rules if you’re looking to spice up the game.

  • If a can is knocked off the table, it must be replaced with a full can.
  • If the opposing players fail to hit the table at all, they miss their next turn
  • If a player can manage to catch the ball after it hits the can but before it hits another surface, they can start chugging their drink and running around the table. If they get “tagged” they must stop.

Beer Ball is a hilarious game that gets funner later in the night after everyone has already had a couple. We suggest tossing in a couple of the added rules if you want to make it more difficult.