Beer 99

The Beer 99 Drinking game is all about trying to be the player that gets the value of the central pile to 99. It’s fairly simple but it requires players to remember the current value of the pile which is harder than it sounds when you’ve already had a few drinks.


Drinks and a standard deck of 52 cards.

Set up:

A dealer is chosen and they must deal out 4 cards to each player. The rest of the deck is placed in the middle except for one card that is placed face up. This is the starting value where Ace is worth 1 point and King is worth 13.

Beer 99 rules:

Starting left of the dealer players play a card face-up on the pile. Mentally keeping track of the total value of all cards in the pile. Whoever gets the pile to equal exactly 99 assigns someone to drink half of their drink. If someone causes it to go beyond 99 they must drink half a drink themselves.

There are some cards in the deck that can be used for a different function if a player doesn’t want to use them for their value.


This card can be used to either skip your turn or pass on any drinks you are supposed to take to another player.


If this card is played on the stack once the value is above 90, it instead drops the value by ten.


This card can be used to pass on drinking responsibilities to another player.


Once everyone runs out of cards all the cards are then shuffled and 4 more cards are dealt to each player.

Additionally if the value of the pile ends in a 9 it’s a social. Which means if someone calls it then everyone must drink one. There’s also super-socials when the value is 69 or 71 which cause every player to drink 2.



Beer 99 is both simple and fun. It’s great and all anyone needs is a deck of cards and a drink of choice.