The Ultimate Bee Movie Drinking Game?

This is one of the simplest yet most devastating drinking games out there. Heck, it may even get you drunk enough to enjoy watching this movie. To add some variety we came up with two separate drinking games for this movie, an easy one and a hard one. The easy one has a bunch of rules that come up once in a while. The hard version of the Bee Movie Drinking Game has 1 rule and 1 rule only. Drink any time anyone says the word “Bee”.

What You’ll Need To Play The Game

For this all you’re going to need is a copy of this Dreamworks movie about anthropomorphized bees and some drinks. This game will work with any number of participants. Next just pick your poison, hard mode or easy mode.

Bee Movie Drinking Game Rules

Easy Bee-sy Mode

Take a sip of your drink whenever…

  1. You spot a bee related pun
  2. A ridiculous bee-related job is mentioned
  3. Anyone is having an existential crisis out loud
  4. Someone says the word “pollen”
  5. Humans are made out to be horrible monsters

This easy version is for people who just want to get their buzz on. There’s still quite a bit of drinking however.


  1. Take a sip of your drink whenever anyone says the word “Bee” in any way.

That’s it. Just the one rule. But don’t bee fooled because that word comes up 172 times within the span of the movie. Don’t believe me? Here’s the script. Open that bad boy up and hit Ctrl+F “Bee”. To put that into perspective even if you drink half an ounce per sip you’ll still end up vanquishing about 7 beers throughout the movie. So don’t expect to complete this game in it’s entirety. Just go until you think you’ve watched enough of this movie and try not to drink to excess.

Our Bee Movie Drinking Game is all in good fun but always remember to keep it in moderation and never get behind the wheel of a car drunk. If you wanted to check out another drinking game for a show that you are probably too old to drink to take a look at our Peppa Pig drinking game!