Battletoads Drinking Game

The Battletoads Drinking Game - the chuggernauts

The Battletoads drinking game will have players drinking to this increasingly frustrating side scrolling beat-em-up. These games are either one or two players, but if more people want to join in the drinking game they can just take turns per life or continue. So get ready to get increasingly frustrated as you constantly fail at a game you’re totally sure you used to beat when you were a kid.

What You’ll Need

Battletoads for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Or if you’d rather Super Battletoads for the Super Nintendo. And of course some drinks.


This game works with any number of players just make sure you pass the controller around and give everyone a chance. Basically you’ll just have to drink whenever you mess up, which should be a lot seeing as how hard and janky this game can be.

Battletoads Drinking Game Rules

  • Drink once whenever you die in a regular level.
  • Drink twice whenever you die in a repelling level.
  • Drink three times whenever you die in a car level. (in case that wasn’t frustrating enough).
  • Take a big chug whenever you beat a level in celebration!
  • Take a shot or finish your drink whenever you lose and need to use a continue.

This battletoads drinking games are pretty simple; you screw up you drink. But if you’re like most of us who struggle tremendously with the car levels this drinking game can result in a lot of drinking. So please make sure to drink responsibly. If you want to check out another drinking game for a classic nintendo game, check out our Chrono Trigger drinking game.